The Lithium Design Process

when building a small business website or brand for the first time, understanding your ultimate goals for the site is key. here at lithium design, We follow a detailed process to ensure nothing is left to chance.

lithium design process startup and small business website discover


Exceptional websites start with Lithium intimately understanding your requirements; there are no shortcuts for genuinely knowing your business and the ultimate goal for your website. We will ask you questions to discover and understand your image, intentions, budget, target audience and markets, content specifications, reference sites and partners, materials, design assets and desired outcomes.

We will cover off everything you need to know at this point.

lithium design process startup and small business website map and plan


Once we have mastered what you need, it is time to start mapping out how we are going to make it happen. We will map out the structure of your site, defining cover pages, indexes, sections and pages including their flow and relationship to each other. We will create a living breathing document (functional specification) that sets out in detail the things your site must do, how it will do them and how we will monitor what it does.

This document will include an SEO framework for keywords and phrases to be used throughout your site so that you organically rank on Google as best as possible. 

lithium design process startup and small business website design


We will get our creative ideas flowing which results in us quickly mocking-up your site, often referred to a wireframe. Choices about page layout, font type, size and colour palettes are usually already settled as completed as part of a brand guideline document we produce for you. We will research, test and identify what works best to communicate your website’s goals to your chosen audience.

We will review the wireframe with you and refine it before committing to the full build and until we have your approval.

lithium design process startup and small business website content writing


Remember, content is king! If you have an existing site, you will already have written material; so we will ensure that it fits your chosen SEO framework, if not we will work with you to update it. If you have no previous website.

We will help to write content from scratch, this can be a labour intensive process, and you may choose to involve the services of a copywriter or even have a go yourself. We're here to assist and help all the way. We will even help you curate a Privacy, Cookie and T&C's policies plus EU Website cookie consent banner for your website.

lithium design process startup and small business squarespace website build


The construction and build of your website is the stage where we disappear under a rock and busy ourselves away to physically create your vision. Don't worry; we will stay in contact with you throughout as often have items for you to review.

Our build process is a collaborative affair; we find this gets the best results in the shortest amount of time and with the greatest sense of achievement, after all, it's your website.

lithium design process startup and small business website launch


As soon as Google has indexed your site and everyone is satisfied, we will officially launch your site, placing it on the world wide web for everyone to see, use and play. Don't worry we will not just walk away at this point; we will be available for help, advice, and assistance.

If you want lithium design to stay around longer, and help curate content, blog posts and updates to your site, or help report and track your SEO performance, just chose one of our fabulous aftercare packages.

lithium design process startup and small business website promotion and seo


When you have launched your website, its time to tell the world, so we complete a program of listing your website with index sites and social media platforms, community forums and review sites.

We will update Google with your sitemap and index so that your site is ready to be crawled and indexed by their bots, so you start to show up in search engine results (SERP) pages.